Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy vampirized Halloween -updated- !

A fantastic artwork by 14-bis ^^ !

Artist's comment: "Or she exagerated on the makeup, or there is an Oil vampire on the loose."

Great artwork job by CrimsonFace ;) !

Artist's comment: "Happy Halloween again. A tribute to Rob Rennzetti and his most fun creations..."

Impressive artwork by shadow2007x ^^ !

Artist's comment: "This is a picture that I made for "The Teenage Robot" forum on the celebration of Halloween."

And don't forget to have an special costume for this scary night...


alexkirtoon said...

Mina and the Count AND Magic Trixie fan-art? Bless your heart! Happy Halloween!

ml-78 said...

Vampire Jenny- She looks hungry, and a bit naughty too!

At Rob's- Jenny's a genie! Can she grant our wish for a MLaaTR DVD?

TRF777 aka Jenny- TRF did a great job on the Jenny costume! All Jenny fans should be proud of TRF's achievement!!!