Monday, February 23, 2009

Japanese Teenage Robot!

Amazing artwork from odaleex ;) !

It seems this is the way that the show should be launched on Japanese TV or comic books ^^ !


Furax said...

Once Tuck have said: "Make her more robotic!" This is actual for this image, I think: Jenny and Vega must be more robotic. And Vexus has lost her macabre charm.

But other characters seems pretty good!

The Great One said...

I must disagree!

Jenny is a wonderful mix of Girl and Machine and brad and Tuck and even sheldon look more like the real guys they are.

Vexxus could look menacing in a ball gown!

A cuter version of zVega and a more realistic Harmony and esp Misty make it a complete and even better show.

I wonder if they could get a license from Viacom and produce a MLaaTR anime!

What a full circle!

Adam Stein said...


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I consider myself an anime fan and even I can't tell when things are parodies or not sometimes. Or rather how much of things are parodies. I wonder if we'd been watching whatever was on Japanese TV at the time we'd think the constant mutating into different things was a joke or if it's really just dumb. Given some of the other stuff happening (Hawaiian shirt Foot clan), either way is possible.

The Great One said...

The Show was not a parody but more of an homage to the style of Max Fleishcer, oneo fhte cartoon poineers of the film world in the 1930's.

The stories are SCI FI/ fantasy as a self aware AI like Jenny is not possible in todays technology. But is something to be wished for and given the suspension of disbeief, is a fun character with the added twist of teenage angst.

Ths show sould have run more than 3 seasons and Viacom dropped the ball in merchandising the show and its unique characters. I would have bought a Jennny Doll.

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