Monday, March 16, 2009

Kick ass Jenny!

Coolest artwork by 14-bis ;) !

Artist's comment: "Ok guys, take care, Jenny is NOT in the mood. Maybe she is tired of been abused by the drones, or just on her cyber period... the fact is that the few survivors of that invasion atempt, said jenny was not very nice with the cluster drones. I was trying to make something different from the usual sexy images, with a more Kick ass action scene."

By the way, you can see the whole image process here.


XJ-0 said...

Yeah, I'd like to see more action pictures. The "sexy" thing's been done to death.

shadow2007 said...

yea,, go Jenny!! ^^

ml-78 said...

Wow! Jenny is really mad here! I think that Sheldon should give her some calm down time before he tries to flirt with her!

Awesome picture!

The Great One said...

Definitely more "action" in this frame.

Good to see Jenny kicking drone butt and taking names (the latter is unneeded as all drones have the same name)

I really like the #-% style drawing. It makes Jenny more REAL and defines her shape and power much better.

Of Course, Rob Renzztti was paying homage to Max Fleichser
in his background and modernized characters, sort of reminscent of Betty Boop and KoKo the clown.

Of course the new characters have no relationship to the above, but their classic look made the show more comedic than action oriented.

I much prefer Jenny as a Fighter, though she would make a wonderful girlfriend

THE werewolfXbeast of the night said...

epic pictures! and i would like to make a note, listening to children of bodom and looking at this pic really makes it more powerful! keep rockin it jenny!

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Carmel Corn said...

CYBER PERIOD?????!!!!!!???