Monday, January 11, 2010

Shell & the girls...

Impressive artworks by CrimsonFace ;) !

It seems that Sheldon really made a nice job by upgrading his robotic alter-ego. Now he claims for REVENGE XD !!!


theGeek said...

Alright sheldon! the ladies man, beat that brad

Alex Lopes said...

I just found out about this cool website called Sporcle, where you can make quizzes about anything. I didn't find any quiz about MLaaTR, so I decided to make my own:

It's featured only in the "user created" area, but if we spread the word and more people play this quiz, it can be featured on the main page. =] And you guys can also make your own quizzes about MLaaTR!

Hope you guys enjoy it.

THE werewolfXbeast of the night said...

good job shell, but you best stay away from vega!

Ativan VS Xanax said...

i like the yellow looking jenny.. so natural...

The quest for Ativan vs Xanax is not that difficult. You can achieve it. Believe in yourself

Unknown said...

good design....

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harada57 said...
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