Sunday, June 13, 2004

Guess who?

Hello Teenage Robot fans!
So, I'm the second crew member to haunt this blog, and I'll give you a hint or two about who I am...I'm a character designer and I have tons of fun coming up with new designs for the show! Right now, we're working on our Holiday episode (stay tuned!), and I've been noodling around with some fun designs for Santa, Mrs. Claus, and some cute elves and reindeer. In the coming days and weeks ahead, I will start posting a few things here and there, giving you a teeny glimpse of how things work around this crazy place! I might even start taking and uploading a picture or two of the studio and what things look like on the inside of Teenage Robot......So stay tuned, and we'll get something rolling pretty soon here, including a whole graphic redesign of this blog! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Signing off!


Ness said...

cool blog!! It's really original!!

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Kevin said...

Wow! It's nice to talk to someone who is working for the show, MLAATR! Is it fun working for Rob Renzetti and the others?

I bet your shows, this coming season, are even better. Keep up the good work. All of you are doing greaty!