Thursday, March 23, 2006

Background information

Last month on the blog we gave a well-deserved plug to the vivid color stylings by Seonna for the show's backgrounds, But it's definitely worth pointing out that much work goes into these settings well before the paint-tubes are even opened. Joseph Holt and Chris Tsirgiotis were the uber-talented scribblers responsible for most of the BG layouts on the show. Their drawings always struck the delicate balance of being functional, accommodating the actions of the characters as determined in the storyboard, and of reinforcing the highly stylized feel of the series. With clever cheats of perspective (or lack thereof), whimsical background signage, heaping doses of fanciful deco-era architecture and endlessly inventive shapes and patterns, every background was worked towards creating a believable and entertaining world for our characters to inhabit.
"Around the world in Eighty Pieces" was a great opportunity for the BG boys to stretch the "future-deco" look beyond the bounds of Tremorton and reshape the world according to their whims.


tyde45 said...

1. That was my favorite episode, by the way.
and 2. I repeat, I love the backgrounds!!

HeyGoodLookin said...

Neat. A couple of those remind me of The Thief and the Cobbler.