Friday, March 24, 2006

Real live storyboards!

I thought that there might be some out there curious to see what an entire storyboarded sequence looks like before it's sent to Korea to be animated. Then again, I've been wrong before. The production of "Victim of Fashion" fell between seasons one and two, and we were able to spend a little extra time with it (as a result, it expanded into a half hour special). This was especially exciting to me, because it meant that I'd get to do some storyboarding on the show myself (this happens very rarely), collaborating with Brandon Kruse. Here's one of my favorite sequences I got to work on.


tyde45 said...

Oooh! I LOVE seeing Storyboard work! I figured out what all of the abbreviations mean, except for 'SLUG'...Could you answer that question?

I also noticed that your Stock Kids have numbers! Do you have Stock sheets?

J.R. said...

Amazing! o.o I had never seen a storyboard before, so it surprised me to see all the detailed descriptions and action flow in the separated sections ^^
Loved that episode :) Thanks once again for showing us all this work Mr. Renzetti and Mr. Kirtonn, it's a true inspiration :D

By the way, will you attend the San Diego Comic Con?

Sincerely - J.R.

AceDroid said...

Great! I really like looking at these storyboards ^^

Brian Growe said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting those storyboards! I've always loved the style of your show, I even took your storyboard test once for you guys. Obviously I didn't get the job, but looking at these I can see why. Love the pimp Jenny!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool to see how that all fits in! Escecially in new storyboards where we also see new lines, and we get to quote the characters when the episode comes on! (Yes, I'm guilty, I did it during the movie.) Excellent!

wichobot said...

It's nice when you make the "widescreen" action (in speak no evil or mind over matter). You should make that kind of screen in more scenes and
try to do some "slow-motion" scenes! :)
wichobot -

alaxr274 said...

Please draw MLAATR art again, CandyRobot.

Anonymous said...

Never seen these before, fantastic.


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