Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alex Thumbnails

There was never an episode of TR that was not improved in some way by the brilliant thoughts that regularly tumbled out of Alex Kirwan's head. Here are his ideas for the reintroduction of the Sisters and their 'assimilation' into the Cluster for "Sister Sledgehammer"

(Sorry if the images are not oriented correctly. I am still on doofus level when it comes to these things.)


TOMAS said...

uno de los mejores capitulos de la segunda temporada, sin duda alguna;La forma en que se van integrando las hermanas de Jenny a el super-robot cluster es una secuencia genial y se mantiene el suspenso hasta el ultimo minuto

TOMAS said...

One of the best chapters of the second season; The form in wich they are integrated the Jenny sisters to the Superrobot cluster is a brillant secuense and the condition stays until the last minute...
Cluster Victo!!!... or almost

wichobot said...

That episode is quite good, you should rename it to: Transformers XJ ;)
btw, XJ8 rulez (after XJ9)!

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Anonymous said...

Oh is fantastic! Good images!!

wichobot said...

Could Smytus appear on Season 3?
He's a good opponent for Jenny ;)

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TOMAS said...

Mr. Rensetti: it would be possible that the short-metraje of "My neighbor is a Teenage robot" was positión in thw web, Perhaps in the page of Wichobot?
Serious someting very good seem to me many we have listened of the first appeaance of Jenny; but i believe that few we have been able to conemplate it in first versión...
i know that is much to request but i am convinced that more than one would applaud it.
Respetuosly Tomas

wichobot said...

Rob: could you show
"My neighbor was a teenage robot"

The Great One said...

News and excitment about possible showing of "my Neighbor was a Teenage Robot".

Nick is showing at least some of the old "OH YEAH" Carttons on Saturday Night on Toon Nick at 10:00 PM. Since "My Neighbor" was part of the third season, it should should up eventually. Stay tuned!!

wichobot said...

Could somebody record that?
I haven't Nick US! ;(
Tip: Use a PC TV card and a software
with auto-recording schedule.

wichobot said...

Rob: please upload
"My neighbor was a teenage robot"

Chazz Princetone NT said...

Wichobot,i don´t know what´s going on
Guatemala But.......

Today the channels in Panama (all)
have updated as aired in usa

Ah, some updates are the next
cartoon network:
new cartoons
Ben 10
Robotboy (Jenny´s worst enemy) NEW IN PANAMA!

new cartoons
The fairly oddparents
the X´s
Rem and stimpy

first FOP air on Nick Latin america
this friday

sincerely:chazz princetone

wichobot said...

All the region is updated: from Mexico to Argentina. This is called "south region".

Mudflap said...

Is CandyRobot back yet?

TOMAS said...

Very well,"lo reconozco", it mistake to me , one says "My neighborn WAS a teenage robot", I request excuses to Rensetti, W-bot, and to all, i promise improve my spelling.
But please, Mr. Rensetti: Place the Short metraje in the web, all we waited for it with anxieties,i know, that you are a man very occupied but i believe that it would be a good auspice for "Escape for Cluster Prime" i hope be annoying. Respetuosly Tomas

TOMAS said...

Hey Chazz; Excelent your adittion of the audio of FOP in your blog; Bravo!!! =)

To Mudflap : The girls, of meat and bone of brillant metal always breaks our hearts,cuestion to Sheldon=_(...