Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Keep Your Fingers Crossed !!!

The Emmy nomination ballots have gone out and TR is one of only three shows up for possible nomination in the 1 Hour Special category. We submitted Escape From Cluster Prime, one of the pieces I am most proud of.

Sorry the blog has been dormant lately. Both Alex and I are settling into our new gig at Cartoon Network. I will try to post some visual treats soon!

Thanks for your patience and loyalty!


tyde45 said...

I'll keep 'em crossed!

And you two now work for CN? What show?

AMAXS13 said...

Any chance you can get MLaaTR away from Nick (since they dropped the show) and get it onto CN?

RobotRenzetti said...

Sorry. Nick owns Teenage Robot. There is no chance it will come to CN.

Chris Battle said...

The EFCP Emmy DVD screener was by far my favorite arrival this year. Looking forward to finally seeing it!

I'll have to say howdy next time I drop by CN.

Chazz Princetone NT said...

And what if you work on a new generation of the series Rob?


AMAXS13 said...

How about a spinoff?

XJKenny said...

Congrates to Mr.Rob and Alex. Sounds good that you all are settling at CN. Any hints on what new series you are doing? Can negotiations be done and getting the copyright of MLaaTR to CN if possible(just asking). Hope the MLaaTR 1 hour special comes out top at the Emmy Nomination. Lastly, did you receive the fan comic MLaaTR doujinshi I sent you?

Anonymous said...

What about when Disney bought the rights to Doug could some form of arrangement be made that way?

Chazz Princetone NT said...

OK, Rob

but you cannot do a crossover replacing two episodes of the 3rd season

it will possibly change the ratings

The Great One said...

NIck may own the right to Teenage robot, but they obviously do not care about it. Cancellation after only three seasons-HAH!

If Disney or CN offered them a good deal, they would jump at it, Viacom is no fool.

What we, the fans need to do is tell CN about our desire for it to continue. Just let us know where to send the email and letters, Rob.

We will do the rest.

Thanks for your support.