Monday, July 31, 2006

Jenny on Sprites

If you're thinking about create some MLaaTR videogame,
here are the sprites created by DanielBotelho for develop
Jenny as a videogame character!

btw, I changed the background music for a while.
If you like it, you can get it here:
Download it!
(MP3 / 560KB)


Schattendorn said...

Who has sing this song?

wichobot said...

It's a secret. I tell you later ;)

Chazz Princetone NT said...

why didn´t the game is in 3D

sincerely:chazz princetone

wichobot said...

It would fit on a gameboy too well ;)

Daniel Botelho said...

Hey, my old spritework! Thanks for noticing.

I'm currently working on a new version of my old jenny sprites, the preview's on my dA page.

Tom Maneiro said...

Nice artwork!

I'm currently writing a small videogame (more like a "generic" program, rather than a game), and for make it "less" boring, i'm using some of your sprites.

The game is for the Sega Genesis, and when i got more ideas, i could consider to write something original about Jenny&co for the Genesis...

(BTW: Why there are not GBA games with Jenny? Spongebob has 3 or 4, Rocket Power have 2, Rugrats have 3... but almost all are pure crap, except the one based on Spongebob movie)

Roger Stephenson said...

Does anyone have x-jpg-9 (see what I did there) files for these sprites?