Saturday, July 15, 2006

MLaaTR wins the Cup!

Jenny have won the "Nick vs. Nick Cup" the last friday.
This contest began two months ago in all Latin America
and now we have a champion! Many thanks to all who
voted online at
And specially thanks to Rob for adding me as a blogger
on this site!


Anonymous said...

blazething- congratz!! wichobot
a postion well deserved.

Jini said...

Congragulations!!! you all definetely deserve an applause for such an awesome show! :D

tyde45 said...

Whoohoo! Teenage Robot rules!

Robert said...

Congrats. It's nice to see such an underrated show get proper appreciation.

Amanda said...

Way to go "TEENAGE ROBOT", I am glad it won an award and cool how the many theme song is now on the webpage.


Anonymous said...

Wichobot you rock!
MLAATR rocks!

Now how about getting Rob's e-mail, talking to him on getting the show back on the air or releasing it to DVD.

Anonymous said...

It got to VS Avatar? Now that's something. Okay, I admit it, I'm turning into an Avatar fan. I watched the movie on Friday. But I'm so glad that Teenage Robot won!

Chazz Princetone NT said...

Wichobot congratulations
for being a contributor in the original teenage roblog

if you found Renzetti told them to visit my blog

sincerely:chazz princetone

TOMAS said...

i you said it...;)
congratulations to Jenny and you man =)
"h'ay la llevas"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations wichobot, sure, you deserve this!! And very happy that Jenny won!!

jennyfan7 said...

Hi to everybody again!

Bravo, braaavo! My more sincere congratulations for you, Wichobot!

It is a deserved recognition for maintain high and alive the MLaaTR's spirit.

Hoooray for Wichobot! Hoooray for Jenny, our Champion! And hoooray for all we, because with our support we do possible this!

Chris Battle said...

Congrats, wichobot-- Thanks for keeping all of us left without our Jenny fix up-to-date!