Saturday, December 09, 2006

12 Pains of Christmas

A really nice Teenage Robot Music Video created by Shelltoon.


Sparkchu said...

I recognize that's one of Bob River's Twisted Tunes. Good choice!

You can find the song at, in the Audio Vault, under "Twisted Tunes". The title is Twelve Pains of Christmas, The.

Merry Christmas! :)

TOMAS said...

Sublime trabajo, gran adecuación de los dialogós y de la letra! Sheldon no debería beber demasiado ponche en estás fiestas!le afecta los nervios!!!
Feliz Navidad!!!
Sublime work, great adjustment of the dialogues and the letter! Sheldon would not have to drink too much ponche in you are celebrations! he affects the nerves to him! Merry Christmas!

John_Fountain said...

As one of 'Teenage Robot's former directors/storyboard artists/writers and biggest fans, allow me to extend my - and I'm sure all of the crew's - most sincere wish that all of you have a joy-filled holiday season.
I hope I'm not being presumptuous in saying this, but I think it's safe to say that we all wish that more Teenage Robot episodes were coming, but the reason we can't always reply to you or these posts right away is because we're all working really hard to bring you more cartoons. And, trust me, it is for YOU - the ones out there who care enough to write your thoughts online and through the mail. We're all cartoon fans as well, so we're right there with you.
Animation is oftentimes a long and daunting process (when it's done right)... it's easy to find yourself overwhelmed with work...
But make no mistake, we treasure and appreciate each and every one of you and it is your love and support that made it all worth it.
May you all have a truly blessed holiday season,
John Fountain

jennyfan7 said...

One word about song: BEAUTIFUL! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, God bless yours!

decopod said...

Dear John,
I'm really sorry for my unrestrained posting. I appreciate you and your collegues for taking part in the MLAATR. What you do is bringing a piece of magic to our workaday so accept my best wishes for forthcoming holidays. Let it be magical too as an every result of your work in animation.

The eps written by you are of the best ones in the show, I believe You'll get your own show in the nearest future as Rob succeeded with MLAATR.

Sorry again. You know, somtimes fans of closed shows are more sensitive and vulerable then others. :)

Best regards
Alexander - DECOpod

John_Fountain said...

Seriously, think nothing of it. No apologies necessary.
I appreciate the massive compliment about my episodes... the truth of the matter is, we all contributed to each others' shows... the team effort was what made MLAATR so special.
Thanks again,

TOMAS said...

De parte de todos los fanáticos de Jenny de latino america le agradesco que venga a visitarnos, señor Jhon Fountain, es agradable ver que pese a su prematura cancelaciòn MLaaTR es una serie que marco època, y es un gusto que algu`´en que participo directamente en su creación , se tome tiempo para venir a ver este blog que tanto y tantos queremos, muchas gracias y que estas celebraciones sean de gran felicidad para usted y sus seres queridos.
Tomás Martinez

From all the fanatics of Jenny of Latin America I am thankful to him that it comes to visit to us, Mr. John Fountain, is pleasant to see that in spite of its premature MLaaTR cancellation it is a series that frame time, and is a taste that somebody that I participate directly in its creation, takes time to come to see this blog thank you very much that as much and so many we want, and that these celebrations are of great happiness for you and its dear beings.
Tomàs Martinez

angela said...