Monday, August 20, 2007

Disturbing Kids...

Nice job from the "MLaaTR Kiddies" series by XJKenny.

Artist's comment: "This is a fan art about Nora's daily life. Now she had to take care two teens that areturn to kids form ^_^ ".


The Great One said...

Now you know why Nora made Jenny
a Teenage Robot!

Misty was Never that cute!

But it is so nice to dream, isin't it?

Of course Jenny could always Transform into a TV!

Anonymous said...

Oh,Sweet!! Sweet!! ha,ha! =D
I love this interpetation of Jen and Misty!!!
My Life is a Childwood Robot!!!

CHOGRIN said...

~Awesome! I love this show and its "art deco" fused with 1950's jet age style!!!!~