Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm gonna win you!

Nice "Jenny vs. Misty" match from shadow2007x ...
Also celebrating his 20,000 page views on DA ^^ !

Artist's comment: She is from the fight of Jenny and Misty, good, from the first fight whom they had, but single to remember old times, the other than it is carried out years later, that if he is… emm… like saying it… “nonfriendly” O_o ?


The Great One said...


A humanized form of Jenny, and quite captivating also!

I also apprecaite the more feminized and humanized form of Misty. Fermando has an excellent style and sense of the dramatic that I would deinitly like to see more of, possibly in a graphic novel.

I must admit I don't visit DA as much as I should, but if there is THIS caliber of art there, I shall beome a regular.

Bravo and Kudos to the artist. He is taking Jenny in a new and wonderful direction.

The Great One said...

My Apologies!!

That was not Fernando Faria, But Shadow 2007X!!!

My error.

Shadow, my comments still stand. Forgive my mistake!!

Robert Peterson said...

That's a pretty good picture although I don't like when people anime-tize things but it's still ok.

Anonymous said...

I hope to the Movie!!!;) this a proyect to Shadow2007x,he is a greate Pal!!!

Charlie said...

Como va men, muy buena pic, como te dije antes me gusta el estilo en el que hiciste a Jenny le da un toque mucho más "humano" Seguí así! Bye

Anonymous said...

It's too bad there isn't a game out for that. A high-quality screenshot like that, even of the fighter games, should get to complete it's jumping off of the screen.
Unfortunate that it isn't that easy to rejigger "Metal and Lace!"
Bring on the Purple Shoruken!