Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jenny TV Screen

Quite good and sexy artwork from Fernando Faria ^^ !

Artist's comment: "I always wanted to know how she keeps that large tv screen inside her armor chest. Must be a robo-thing..."


Jennywakeman said...

omg that is like wow good job but how the screen cord comes out of jen is disturbing

The Great One said...


The picture shows your usual wonderful skill, but I think Jennie's skirt is riding a bit too low!

This is supposed to be a family blog, you know. Also, the pop out screenis nicem but her chest is showing a bit too much "metal"

You "naughty "boy!

XjSider said...

lol ... FF 's pic's are soo cool just cause there is ( to say it in your own words) "metal" rofl ... if you don't like his art than don't commend oO
and don't forget it's a robot .. and the skirt is just ammor and no skin ...

to Fernando one of your best pic's ever n1n1 :)

Anonymous said...

I lov your drawings ! =0 I wish I could draw! I she was like that every where she went the silvershell would notice!!!