Saturday, December 08, 2007


"My Life as a Teenage DirtBag" music video created by Hikoishi!

Very interesting video, featuring Sheldon & Jenny ;) !


jennywakeman said...

omg why does that hikoshi person always put thoes freaky youtoube things on here but that was guite funny

jennywakeman said...

btw is that insulting when u say my life as a teenage dirtbag so ur calling jen a dirtbag (gasp)

Hikoishi said...

Oh, no, Jennywakeman!
Sheldon is a "teenage Dirtbag"
... He is a Loooooooser... not Jenny.

Nrdgrl99 said...

Sheldon? A dirt bag? Ridiculous! Don Prima, yeah. Brad during season 1, yep he was a dirt bag.

But Sheldon "The Silver Shell" Lee?

No way! If anything he might be one of the few good characters.

XjSider said...

Lol Sheldon is a nerd and a big ( the biggest) looser ! I hate him so much >.< ! and hm ok if he is the Dirtbag the movie is cool :D

Anonymous said...

Would have been better with the Scala Girls Choir version of the song.

Anonymous said...

WhaTS up?