Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teenage Ninja Robot Xmas!

Amazing christmas artwork by Halem1991 ;) !

Wow... it seems the girls will have a Xmas meeting this night!


The Great One said...

Now THAT is Holiday Cheer and Seasons Greetings!

Love the fact that the main four girls are in the shot. Jenny looking relaxed and cool, Misty looking naughty as usual, Melody still a bit shy, and Vexa in her usual "at ease" look.

Great picture!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Frog God said...

Jenny- pulling santas slay
-making fire works
-snow ball fight

ml-78 said...

Now that is a nice house to spend the holidays! I think that Jenny is the leader of the group! If not, she should be!

THE werewolfXbeast of the night said...

omg, vega!!! :D.. luv it!