Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas stuff!

"A MLaaTR Christmas" artwork by Raingrass.

"News from the other side" funny sketch by shadow2007x ;) !

"The Xmas Jenny Song" funny drawing by Garabatoz xD !

MLaaTR '09 Mix sound theme by VVITch ;) !
Download it Here ^^ !

And have a Nice Christmas everyone :D !


ml-78 said...

Present- What is in the box?

Sing- What is the English translation of Jenny's song?

ml-78 said...

I answered my own question to "Sing"! I went to a website where you can translate Spanish to English! For those of you who are curious, the translation I found to "The Xmas Jenny Song" is:
"So many things and more! People come to my house this Christmas!"

Anonymous said...

Nah Jenny dun have tits.

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