Friday, September 01, 2006

Night Walk

A fanart by XJKenny: "I just wanted to send in this fan art to wish
everyone on the blog a happy new month".
Do you have some important to do in this month? Just tell us :)


mudflap said...

Do you do inflation art?

TOMAS said...

A poetic work... It remembers personal questions to me of a good time that I lived.
Un trabajo po├ętico.. me recuerda una epoca pasada en mi vida en que eran mejores las cosas.

UFOWIS said...

i have to start school on the 5th. and celebrate my birthday on the 8th.

Teenagerobotfan777 said...

I'm so sorry, I tried to google Jinmay to find a picture, and I couldn't find one! Could you show me a picture please?

By the way, what's inflation art?

FrozenFlame said...

Nice picture =)

i celebrate my birthday on the 20th september (18 years) :D

btw, what's inflation art? (i make the same question xD )

mudflap said...

XJKenny said...

Oh nothing really. Just feel this month is a nice month, that's all.

Teenagerobotfan777 said...

Here, I just finished Jinmay!

Also, I prefer to do My life as a Teenage Robot related pictures, but I guess any character will do. :)

mudflap said...

This is inflation art: