Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Take your Pills...

Because if want to enter here, you should take'em all first!


Bele said...

jajajajaja me hizo reír demasiado este capítulo xD muy bueno...aunque también demasiado extraño jaj

buenísimos todos, muchas gracias por los videos

FrozenFlame said...

Nora Wakeman using Nuclear Fuel on a Microwave and melting it... xDDDD

Shelltoon TV said...

The whole house melted! Another great episode, perfect use of fart jokes.

Sparkchu said...

I liked how Jenny plodded around in her hazmat suit. :p

Chazz Princetone NT said...


I Sended You Two E-Mails; One With
The Info And The Other About The URL
Of The Forum I Tell You About Before.

sincerely:chazz princetone

BTW, I Told You About The Crossover
That Will Air On December, But Not About A 4th Season. Are You Doing it. Well, I Planed To Do Some Fan Episodes But Just A Few.

Well, I´m On My Way.

Animatrixie said...

Hey wicho! There's a new bakery here in Burbank, just maybe a mile away from Nickelodeon called KRUST!....I sense a Krust Cousins tie-in here! Think it's noteworthy enough to mention here on the roblog? ;) I think a little Brit and Tiff strip will be in order for this one! ;)

Anonymous said...

MLAATR should be released on DVD like INVADER ZIM

iheartkatamari said...

Have mercy, this episode is hilarious! It just about had me on the floor! Some of my favorite lines from this epi are:

Brad:"You're all out to get me! You're in on it(to Tuck), You're in on it(to random girl), You're in on it(to random kid with lollipop), and YOU'RE in on it!!(to guy in trenchcoat)

Guy in trenchcoat(into walkie-talkie):"Abort! Abort!"


Oh BTW, there are now MLAATR season DVDs available on Amazon.com.