Sunday, September 10, 2006

Third Season is ON!

You can watch it at the Teenage Robot TK site.
And NOW watch it on High Quality streaming!
Many thanks to PixelShader for the video and subtitles.


Anonymous said...

were you planning on making the english dub? Or are you just going to make it for the NAZI Country?

Mudflap said...

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but is the drawing done yet?

Shell Toon TV said...

Anonymous poster, Germany is not a Nazi country. You should be ashamed of yourself. The English dub is unavailable because it hasn't aired yet. You'll just have to wait for it.

Mudflap said...

Where are you.

XJKenny said...

hello wichobot, any news regarding
that the 3rd season will air in other country and places as well?

Mudflap said...

Could you do a picture of Brit and Tiff dressed like this girl please?:

wichobot said...

xjkenny: not yet, for the moment. But if there are good news in Germany, I hope there will be good news in a few months in more countries.

TOMAS said...

Estimados PixelShader y W-Bot:
deseo sepan que su trabajo es MÁGNIFICO, y que TODOS les agradecemos los esfuerzos que han hecho por llevarnos a todos los Fans de Jenny sus capitulos
de esta nueva y maravillosa tercera temporada, la que todos temiamos Jamás podríamos ver...
Ustedes han hecho posible esta hazaña, traspasando barreras ideologicas y prejuicios personales,enseñandonos que la Buena Voluntad es algo que todavia existe en este adolorido mundo y que vale la pena creer en ideales.
aunque exista gente como el propio "Travis", que por cuestiones de vivencias personales desestime o malinterprete estos, no con mala intensión, pero si con pésimo tino...
También existe gente Como Sheldon y Brad, que esta hay para ayudar a los otros,por gente como esa espero
poder seguir con ustedes y ellos en esta hermosa aventura de "Mi vida como Una Robot Adolecente"...
Vayan mis reconocimientos y gracias a ustedes y a aquellos que me hicieron falta mencionar.
Perdón, pero hoy pienso pasar esto en Español.

Animatrixie said...

A LOT of great work went into getting that all together - now I wish I could see the streams! It's saying I don't have the right kind of plug-in probably to play mp3/mimes...Not sure what that would be, else I'd go ahead and install it....Bummmerrrrr....Anyone have an idea what kind of encoder I might be missing so I can play these babies?

Anonymous said...

I hope the third season goes well so we get a DVD set. Please? :)

blak said...

I liked this episode (the action sequences are better in this season in my opinion), but the ending with Brad was just...well...useless.

FrozenFlame said...

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wichobot said...

FrozenFlame: Thanks! :)
I already sent you a mail.

Miri said...

Thank you very much Wichobot and also PixelShader!! Really, Really!! Wichobot, your job here is great!! Thanx
I'm agree with Tomas, I thinks the same things.
Thank you.

Robert said...

This is great. I hope we can get all the episodes that air until it plays in the US. Thanks alot.

schattendorn said...

I agree with Tomas, great work Wichobot and Pixelshader!^^

And i agree with Shell toon.
I hope everywone else to.
Can someone delete this stupid message of the anonymus guy?

schattendorn said...

I agree with Tomas, great work Wichobot and Pixelshader!^^

And i agree with Shell toon.
I hope everywone else to.
Can someone delete this stupid message of the anonymus guy?

schattendorn said...


TOMAS said...

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Special performance of!!! THE LORD OF THE RINGS!!!... of Saturn

R.Radna said...

This was a terrific episode! It had a great story, the jokes were spot on, and it was truly entertaining. Great work on this one!

My favorite episode before this was "Mind Over Matter," but this may have to become a co-favorite (I still like "Mind Over Matter" for the great fights, but this episode was more oriented towards the humor aspect of the show, and was just as good in my opinion).

Thanks for the heads up so we could see these great episodes of our favorite show!