Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This day is Mom's Day ^^ ! ...
To all mothers: have a nice day this day and always :D !

This is a funny interview about daughters who think their
mothers wanted some "special" gift this day:

Fanarts by XJKenny ^^ !


The Great One said...

Ah, at last we see where Misty got her good looks and sparkling personality!

Anonymous said...

"de tal palo tal astilla" -refran-
Happy mother`s day!
is a nice draw, Cool composition! The Dr. Waekman looks cool!!!;)

Mudflap said...

XJKenny: If you have time, could you do a picture of Cindy Vortex in her flight suit from the episode, King of Mars, please?

Anonymous said...

hey if you make episodes put mistys mom in them