Monday, May 21, 2007

Human Jenny

From the scene of "The return of raggedy android" episode.
A nice job from Fernando Faria ^^ !


The Great One said...

Jenny, you never looked so good!

What a viven!

Imagine if Nora had made XJ9 look like that from the beginning, they never would had cancelled the show!

Of course, they would have had to put it on late at night!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Sweet Girl!!! Great fan art of Fernando Faria, im sorry Great One but Jenny Look Great forever!

Long Life Teenage Robot!!!

CDB said...

Fernando = King of MLAATR fanart

I'm still waiting on him to do a Tiff pic.

Anonymous said...

Nooo robot jenny is better!!!))

DanMat6288 said...


No, seriously. It is.