Sunday, May 06, 2007

More Leex's job!

"Vexus and Smytus" in Human version.


"Vega meets QT2".

"Minki Momo's Song" comic strip.

Nice work made by Odaleex.


The Great One said...


I think Smytus is a bit too Cro-magnon; He always struck me as more of the perverted game show host type, but Vexxus is smashing!

Misty seems a bit too angst-ridden, she was always more mischevious than angry.

Vexxa is adorable as is QT2.

The Pre-school Drop Out bit is just too much. I can't get that Mickey Mo Mo song out of my Head!!!

Anonymous said...

excelent good anatomy and really awersome color, smitus look really fierous,!!!
Misty is a beatiful warrior!!!
Sweet qt2 and Vega!!! awwwwX)
and ...
MLaaTR stile "King of Hill"! 8(
im tom...

Jason said...

Smytus kinda looks like Wolverine there. =P