Monday, September 17, 2007

Cover & Legos!

Teenage Robot characters and...

Fire Jenny ;) !

Awesome action figures made by bohoki, totally made in Legos!

And remember Hikoishi's CD Cover?... well, here's the colored version:

Nice paint job made by parallellogic ;) !


The Great One said...

Are you saying Jenny is a Block Head?

Just kidding

Being immortalized in Legos is a highly coveted award. Interesting choice of Characters.
Iam seing more and more of Misty and Jenny together. Is this the premonition of something to come...?

Amazing what they can do with those swedish building blocks. Makes my old Erector set look ancient by comparison.

I only hope that someone fromNick visits this site and gnashes their teeth in frustration when they see how Jenny and the Mystique of MLaaTR has Flourished. As opposed to some of the brainless inanity they are serving up like "Drake and Josh", "Martin Mystery" and "Sponge face"

They need a new series like "Jenny and Misty" wo friends who work on the opposite sides of the law and have to face each other in combat. Here's the twist, Jenny doesn't KNOW it's Misty! and Misty has a split personality so she does not recognize Jenny in her "altered state"

Hey, they have run sillier ideas.

maniacle lego builder said...

glad to see the lego got noticed

if i knew they were gonna be posted here i would have taken a better pic

also removed the top layer of bricks from misty cause she is supposed to have a flat top

and i upgraded killgore a bit i wish they made some merch for teenage robot

jenny would have been a perfect bend-em toy

i bet wendys would have loved to use them as a kids meal toy

collect all 5 jenny,vexus,silvershell,kilgore,misty

maybe even with a raggity shell for jenny and have sheldon inside silver and kilgore with a push to talk "SURRENDER!"

well maybe in another universe jenny is as popular as spongebob is here

Kawaii Lollypop said...

Amazing! I have to hand it to Hikioshi, I would've never thought that you could make Jenny (or any other characters from MLaaTR for that matter) out of Legos. Sweet deal.
Much Love,
Kawaii Lollypop

Kawaii Lollypop said...

Oops, did I say Hikioshi?
I meant bokohi! My bad...
Much Love,
Kawaii Lollypop

Anonymous said...