Monday, September 10, 2007

More speed paintings!

"Jenny in Japan" from "Speak no evil" episode.

"Jenny Strenght" from the Opening.

"Slime Monster" from "Call Hating" episode.

"New Paint Job" from "The Great Unwashed" episode.

"Venus Jenny" from "Victim of Fashion" episode.

"Jet speed".

Awesome fanarts from Fernando Faria ^^ !


The Great One said...

Fernando, you have outdone yourself!

With your permission, of course, I will take a screen capture of "Venus Jenny" for my personal collection.

She is breathtaking!

You must be a professional artist by trade!

Anonymous said...

a very slight deatail is diffrent from the real pic on the jenny stength is she is looking up on the real one and on urs she is looking downLOL

Miles Sullivan said...

i love the art style these are pretty good