Thursday, September 20, 2007


Awesome Teenage Robot Doodles made by Sukapon-ta ^^ !

By the way, you can watch Jenny having fun at Mezmers here ;) !


The Great One said...


I think Sukapon-ta works for, or knows someone who works for "Rough Draft Studios" In Korea. They do/did the final animation for MLaaTR.

I shall have to over some of the episodes again as a few of those images are not all that familiar, but they are quite, quite good!

It is sometimes hard to believe that Jenny could show so much emotion with just her eyes and mouth, and a little body language.

Kudos to Rob Renzetti and Alex Kirwan and all the wonderful animators.

Kawaii Lollypop said...

I love Sukapon-ta's work. Even his/her doodles look good!
As for myself, I've seen very few to none of MLaaTR's third season, but I really want to. Love them nonetheless.
Much Love,
Kawaii Lollypop

Maetch said...

That's it, Misty. Show Jen that you're not to be taken lightly.

DanMat6288 said...

Whenever I saw this episode, I thought, "Gee, something seems familiar about that cowboy form."

FYI, I know where I've seen it before. Can fan who later comes here say where?