Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hot Rod Jenny!

Awesome Jenny in her flame suit, art made by Fernando Faria ^^ !

Yes, she has been Overhauled, hehe ;) !


maniacle lego builder said...

she looked so good red i guess the paint couldnt stand up to the high speed and impact damage so she went back to blue

but she ought to have a bunch of stencils in her closet for different outfit colorings

The Great One said...

Jenny looks cool in a lot of colors, especially Red, Blue, and Dark Green

Maybe she could have an Autbody paint shop as a neighbor. Think of\the savings on Dry Cleaning and ese of now outfits.

Mudflap said...

Fernando Faria: Could you do a picture of Lisa the Babysitter, please?

Micaela said...

hey can you e-mail me I have a few questions about your pic
contact me at

Micaela said...

hey got questions about your pic email me at