Monday, October 29, 2007

Jenny and the Vampire...

Nice artwork from Fernando Faria ;) !

Artist's comment: "That's Gigawhatt (voice by Nick Jameson) from the episode "Mind Over Matter". This is the better I could do with Jenny, for halloween. I was in doubt if I let her eyes in Black shutdown, as on the episode, or just with a stare look. The overal pose is to remember the old vampire movies of Bela Lugosi. It's so classic that you can even imagine two bite marks on her neck. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween ."


Dai-X said...

"Children of the Night....What Music they make!"

The Great One said...

Good Old GigaWatt!

Nick was also the voice of the Count on "Mina and the Count", the series Renzetti REALLY wanted to do; also an "Oh Yeah" Cartoon from 2003.

Fernando has such a Knack with 3-D work.

"Help me Make the Music of the Night"

shadow2007 said...

muy bueno el estilo de Fernando..

algun dia espero alcanzarlo.. epsero que sea pronto.. y Jenny inconciente se ve mas "cute" aun ^_^