Monday, October 01, 2007

Lone warriors...

A nice wallpaper made by XJKenny!
Artist's comment: "Here is another wallpaper featuring Jenny and Misty as wanderers wandering in the land of Japan in a certain place that is filled with with sakura trees and falling sakura leaves ^^ !


Jeff Cook said...

Always a fan of the variety of stuff you put on the site. The concept sketches, fan art and LEGO characters... hehe Keep it up.

The Great One said...

This an unusual example of the ladies woking toward an unknown reward Or are they just seeking advnture?

One intesting point. Why is Jenniesmouth covered? Is they trying to go Incognito. With her lue pigtails and metallic legs, it srrmd likr sd lost cause.

Of course in Japan Robots are more common, so it may just work