Thursday, November 01, 2007

Calendar & more drawings!

November Calendar from the Jenny-San japanese website ^^ ! ...

The autumn season is coming, hehe :) !

"Little Halloween Gals" artwork from z-lady ;) !

Jenny's Halloween costume No.1 ("Good side" version)

Jenny's Halloween costume No.2 ("Dark side" version)

Misty's Halloween costume ^^ !

Artworks created by shadow2007x!


shadow2007 said...

oe gracias por poner mis imagenes


oh.. y sabes si para el 2008 habra calendario?

wichobot said...

Eso espero. Nomás déjame aprender un poco de japonés para preguntarles xD !

The Great One said...

Oh Misty, when you are good, you are SO good!

I kind of like Jenny having two faces, Everyone has some sort of a dark side to their personality!

shadow2007 said...


si.. espero que si haiga =D