Monday, November 05, 2007

~XJ Goth~

Nice gothic drawing style from Fernando Faria ;) !

Artist's comment: "Since Jenny is a teenager, it would be normal to see an episode with her experimenting some new visuals. And here is Misty to take her to the Bad side. I guess some of the writers here can do a great fanfiction of her on the Dark side."

By the way, here's the wallpaper version:

Also, you can check Jenny in another exo-skin here ^^ !


anonim said...

prosto jezd', avtor jjot !

Anonymous said...

Jenny would make an interesting goth girl, wouldn't she?

The Great One said...

Jenny looks Luscious in Lavender!

Always thought there was a little goth girl in Misty!

SO they are playing on the wild side; Looks can be deceiving boys, don't try to take on these vixens of the dark, they will leave you wanting--- serious first aid!

s3b4k said...

She is staight up wicked, malevolent and malicious

drewmaster said...

Very nice. I also think she would make an interesting goth girl.

In my fan fic titled "Frail Humanity," Jenny completely bypasses that stage and goes straight to a suicide attempt in a matter of a few weeks. I may think she would make an interesting goth girl, but that didn't happen in my story.

If anyone is interested in my reading my story, here's the link