Monday, November 26, 2007

Jenny Special Suits

Amazing sketches collection made by CrimsonFace :) !


Anonymous said...

interesting.....all jenny's transformations very good crimsonface :D 

s3b4k said...

holy crap this guy is one of the best drawers ive see on this site

s3b4k said...

btw why does everyone draw her as a girl why not a robot

The Great One said...

In response to s3b4K

We often see her as more of a girl than a robot. Jenny acts, talks and thinks like a teenage girl.

She just "happens" to be made of metal with a cpu for a brain.

That is and always was part of her charm. Trying to fit in, despite being different and still saving the world and her friends at the same time. Classic tension of Drama. CrimsonFace just takes it a bit further than some other artists.

He is exceptionally good also.

Brava to you sir!

maniacle lego builder said...

if the show had jenny look that good they would have cost a million dollars and episode

Anonymous said...

Pimp Jenny! That was the best suit of that entire episode in my book.

I was almost expecting her to ask Sheldon and Brad, "Where's my money?".

iheartkatamari said...

Cool artwork! The Many Faces of Jen!