Monday, January 23, 2006

the birth of Jen?

Here is the sketch that Tracy (Rob's wife) identified as more appealing than the "final" results of our labor, and thus Jenny began to take her more familiar form. I had drawn this sketch, but had dismissed it early on, probably because I had felt it was less complex than some of our other concepts, and therefore less interesting. There are two valuable lessons here, both of which I've revisited and relearned many, many times in 7-8 years since;
1) In hand drawn animation, simplicity is one of your greatest allies, stripping away that which is not important is almost always more important than adding fanciness on top, and 2) It's difficult to have perspective when you're deep in the trenches.


crashfourit said...

That was really cool.

CoyoteLoon said...

Rob, Alex, thanks very much for showing all these early development sketches of Jenny and her pals. It's really interesting to see how she evolved, and like you mentioned, how her design became stronger (and more appealing) when it became simpler. I always figured you guys were going for "simple strong design" right out of the gate.

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