Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crust Crazy!

So you like Brit and Tiff? Well, there's plenty more where that came from. These great sketches by Jill Friemark suggest some slightly different stylistic directions for the series. Even the drawings that were stylistically different than what we ended up with were very useful in honing the personalities (and fashion sense) of what would eventually become two of our very favorite characters.


tyde45 said...

SO COOL. There are no more words to express all of this excitement in the 'behind the scenes' stuff. Do you have these for characters like Sheldon, Vexus, Silver Shell, and Don Prima? Ooh! And Misty?
Keep up the posting! It keeps the morale boosted!

Anonymous said...


Now I want to see Brad, Tuck and Nora! :D

Blak from Italy

K.Zoe said...

O_____o You blew me away with those designs. Keep them coming!

Jay D Smith said...


J.R. said...

Marvellous designs! Miss Friemak is a truly talented character designer too! :D

And I have to agree with the tyde45, k.zoe and Blak; show us more of the sketches for the other characters and keep 'em coming please ^__^

Sincerely - J.R.

Mechacl said...

Wow, It is some more Brit and Tiff
I glad to see you guys post more of these. I glad you guys got 39
eps in this series. Invader Zim did not fare so well. The good shows always seem to die young.

Anonymous said...


DanMat6288 said...

If the Krusts appeared in "My Neighbor Was A Teenage Robot," which one of thse do you think they would've been?