Thursday, February 02, 2006

Misty Memories

Did someone say Misty? That sounds like a request just unusual enough to honor!When Scott Peterson's first spec outline for us included a teenage, female space-ninja, I knew he was a good fit for the show. However, I started to re-think that decision when he had the audacity to point out to me that my first misty design (above) looked a little similar to Tiff. Oh, I suppose he had a point.


Mukpuddy said...

Awesoem stuff guys, I love this show, it's a huge inspiration for me, and can't wait to get my hands on more stuff like this!!!

We actually met Alex when we came to Nick to pitch some stuff July of last year!! That was crazy!!!

(we're the guys from new zealand)

Amanda said...

Hi Mukpuddy,
Cool that you met Alex.


J.R. said...

Thanks again for showing us such marvelous works ^__^ as a request, could you show some sketches of the villains? (not the Klusters :P

Oh, hi Amanda and Mukpuddy :)

Sincerely - J.R.

tyde45 said...

Thank You!!!! SO COOL!!! Love it. Actually, the Cluster villains would also be fun to see...Vexus, Smytus and Krackus amuse me so.

Kevin said...

That is interesting!

K.Zoe said...

Cool sketches you have! I'd like to add: upon Misty's second appearance in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Troubles," her look slightly changed. She now has lavendar flames at the bottom of her pants instead of "T"'s, and a small cowlick on her head.

I'm such a detail freak :P

The Great One said...

Misty was, and is truly a star in her oen right. I think the final version captures her otherworldly charm, as well as her tomboy spirit and rebellious side.

She was a great tonic for Jenny in getting "some of her own back" even if it went too far, as it had to, to teach the morality lesson to young teens and pre-teens.

It was also a wonderful chance for Audrey to step out ot the shadow of Tuck and show us what the Lady can DO with those vocal chops!

I look forward to seeing her again.

BTW, is nick planning a Jenny Blitz or something? I can't find MLaaTR on the schedule ANYWHERE!!

Time for more emails and letter writing , oh faithful fans.

SteveLambe said...

Man...I'm like a kid in candyland with all these kick ass concepts you've been posting in the last few weeks. Bravo!!

Hey that you're "blogger friendly", any chance you're going to be starting up a blog of your own sometime? Love to see more of your work.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen the entirety of either episode that Misty's been in, but despite my limited exposure to her, I'm very fond of the character. She seems very feline to me when in full ninja battle mode; is that intentional?

BTW, is nick planning a Jenny Blitz or something? I can't find MLaaTR on the schedule ANYWHERE!!

Seconded; I'm starting to get really worried.

Jini--chan said...

Thanks so much for showing us all the great premilinary skteches! Misty happens to be a favorate character of mine.

Mechacl said...

Well, I like these a lot.
NICK should at least alow a DVD
release of the series. I have not seen that them all.

wichobot said...

Hey! This is my first comment in months. I was wondering if this site backs to normal and THEY DO!!!
Thanks alex to show us more TR Stuff!

usaxd said...

I see misty´s powers in teen team time and she only used his mind powers to read the minds of her enemies after that, in teenage mutant ninja troubles i see that the powers of Misty were very similar to Danny phantom powers like her snake rolling that Danny used to evade trowing meat in the first episode of the series. Misty used them to make britt and tiff extremely fright, also NEW powers were to be good and if were are new episodes were Misty appears i suggest them to have to have them a soul stealing power and a bandana also is good on her head. I also says that a collar cristal on her neck ways good like in yu-gi-oh waking the dragons

Anonymous said...

I see all of frederator cartoons the fairly oddparents are one of them but also i see my life as a teenage robot

I and my friends work on a little studio where all do remixes of cartoons we chosed my life as a teenage robot teenage mutant ninja troubles and we launch a survey that includes the videoclip of 1 our the remix includes more minutes
also i see Misty doing pranks to all of the teenagers and i request a survey to nick about the next episode Misty appears to make them ill and harmed. that gonna teach a lesson to Misty and her creator

i come from Panama

Anonymous said...

Japan, Japan, Japan are the only words i heard of the first time i went to this site first Jenny speaking japanese in speak no evil,and now a space ninja´s yes i ow it comes from space but do you now from what real place come the ninjas, yes from JAPAN
Japan is a headache for me so to make me more happy i suggest Misty in future episodes to be with Jenny on a cluster battle and them make them defeated i also suggest more details like blood or sweat on the characters

Anonymous said...

I have a long time, waiting for a second appearance of Misty, i also know that she will make an appearance in Mist opportunities (that is quite obvious) I also want to see more changes in Misty outfit. a little belt that show us were all the ninja stars are hidden will be a big addition to her personality, if someone know¨s something about Mist opportunities episode that will air soon let me Know in the MSN messenger MY MESSENGER NAME IS: RAFAELAFRE@HOTMAIL.COM. i am the man from the edco the cartoon remixing company.

Anonymous said...

Misty is a wild cum-dumpster teenager. I hate her. She's very mean to XJ-9.