Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More proper props

I hope to get some of the other prop guys' work up here soon, but as long as we're speaking of Sunil Hall, here"s a heaping helping of his masterful draughtsmanship and vivid imagination.


Anonymous said...

Your imagination has no limite!
I can't wait to see season 3. I hope they will diffuse it soon in my far country.

Jay D Smith said...

wow, such cool stuff you have here!!

what are you guys working on now?

t2 said...


Is this an Art-Deco example?
I think all the world of MLAATR is inspirated in Art-Deco.
Also, Jen.What do you think about?
See yaa!

wichobot said...

I put some other pictures here:
Vexus' Centripede machine:

Todd Sweeney's Limosine:

Check this ArtDeco poster (a possible lost title card?):

wichobot -

blak said...

I'm blak, again, from Italy.

Those pic are awesome.
So, Melody (Bradventure) is back, that's interesting..."No Harmony With Melody" may be a JennyxBrad episode...I can't wait for this :)

R.Radna said...

My absolute favorite among these is the butterfly-like transformation. Absolutely pure whimsy.