Monday, February 06, 2006

Too Hot for TV!

Here's a very different sort of character evolution.
We professional cartoonists like to create work that amuses both ourselves and our peers, and occasionally forget that we are actually creating product for a children's network. Luckily, there's a whole bunch of people whose jobs are to make sure no one oversteps the boundary.

I thought it was pretty funny to see Bernie Peterson's sexy Coppertone girl (for upcoming ep "infectious Personality") have her innocence restored in this series of revisions and re-revisions. Katie Rice and Jill Friemark did the designs.


J.R. said...

This sketch process is particularly interesting; we can see the development from the basic idea and following it to see the finished result after the revisions and re-revisions as Mr. Alex mentioned.
Simply wonderful works as always I might add n_n


K.Zoe said...

-nosebleed- The woman on the top (before revision) looks like Kim Possible o.O

wichobot said...

I saw something like that before:
For example, in "Raggedy Android" you put a classic "Zinger" sewing machine.

It's funny when the name of somebody from the staff crew appears on scene (some hidden) too:
For example, the "coffee by Alex" in "Shell game" or the "Kirwans' truck" in "Call hating" or "Jolt" in "The great unwashed". I don't know how much names I can find yet ;)
wichobot -

The Great One said...

Ah the censors!

Where would we be without them.

But I realize that propietity must be observed. Some interesting work on the evolution of the sketch process. I only hope Nick ever gets around to showing the third season!

I am going over the previous works to look for clues of words and signage myslef. (Thanks for the tip, wichobot!)

Brian Growe said...

hahaha Great sketches! It's cool seeing how you guys play around with shapes and tweek little things 'til you come up with your final design

Mechacl said...

What they have not shone all the eps. They make a series and than don't show it That is just too weird. NICK must waiting for people to yell" Stop showing Spongebob" at the top of their lungs. They only been showing Jimmey,Timmey,Danny,and Spongebob most of the time now. Ahh, Please, Nick show else for awhile. Will ya