Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The final days

On a personal note, this is my very last week as part of the in_house crew on Teenage Robot (and a short week at that). The work load and schedule have remained persistently hectic right up to the very end, so I've barely allowed the meaning of this ending to set in, but it has gotten pretty quiet around here lately, and it's hard for that alone not to make me feel a little sad. But for right now I'll concentrate on the tasks at hand, updating the blog (I hope to keep going for a little while), finishing up the last few re-take sketches, and packing up all these freakin toys.


paintballstar2789 said...

wow i just cant seem to take it in ...teenage robot is coming off the air....i dreaded this day
why couldnt they take rugratas off instead im sick of them

The Great One said...


I am truly sorry that Nick has not renewed the show. I know that You and Rob and the others will move on to other award winning work, hopefully at Frederator, but if not, then at another great studio.

It is a true Shame that such great work is not appreciated by the Fools that program at a network supposedly designed for "Kids of all ages".

Please try to keep in touch, this goes for Rob as well, when you get set up on your next show, as I would like to somehow be a part of the proces, if only as an observer.

My personl Email is:


Thanks for three great years.

Hope I added a touch of sanity to the comments on the blog.

red2z said...

i would just like to say as a regular fan who watched the show, thank you. you and everyone involved did a great job and created a show that was able to make people laugh and forget their troubles for a while, and to me that is what truly mattered.

hopefully as the last season or so gets released on nick more people will watch and then who knows it might get renewed, but if not then you helped make a good show no matter what anyone else says.

good luck packing up all those figures, and thanks again to you and everyone else there for a great show.


HeyGoodLookin' said...

Quite a shame to lose this show. Still waiting on season 3 as it is.

I'm very happy about this blog though. The production and concept artwork are great and I truly hope they keep coming. Your hard work is much appreciated.

wichobot said...

I don't know what to say.
I was daily with the show since it begans in LatinAmerica (August 2004).
I hope Teenage Robot will continue in another TV network or something useful like Internet streaming videos.
I'm some sad at this time, but happy because this is a show that I have never expected.
Thanks to God for the show and keep on contact always.
wichobot - www.teenagerobot.tk

Anonymous said...

I think Nickelodeon at least owes us a DVD boxset because "My Dad is a Rock Star" got one and that show is NOT popular. EVERYONE please go to this site that way set up by RufusRapper from TV.com to petition Nickelodeon for a fourth season.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for submitting my Petition. I'm RufusRapper, but you can call me blak ;)


XJKenny said...

Is sad and hard to hear that a good show like this is coming to an end and the excellent talent people working on the MLaaTR is going somewhere else. I would like to wish Mr.Alex best of luck and thank you for bringing and sharing with us a good time and info on this blog, and doing a wonderful job on the MLaaTR series.

Hope someday you and Mr.Rob get another chance to work together and make the MLaaTR series go on
into further season.

ErickXJ10's blog said...

O.o you have many dools and gifts ^^ its very interessant, well the more interessant is the Anpanman, the very old japanise anime for kids :P
well i am brasilian and my inglish is bad(sorry)but its very cool ^^

Anonymous said...

NOOOOooo! That was one of my fav. shows. o suuuuuure play 19 eps of sponge and those blithering teenie bopper show! I really loved the music and the art plus, it was also funny. But, thats Nickelodeon.