Thursday, February 16, 2006

Reference of preference

Finding a style for a show is kind of like building a vocabulary of shapes and patterns. This vocabulary needs to be versatile enough to be expressive and surprising, but ultimately everything just needs to just "feel right". Kudos to those who picked up that art deco was our stylistic starting point for the show. Here are just a few selections from Sunil's files to show some of the inspiration for our universe.

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The Great One said...

I knew that the art deco style of the 1930s was a strong reference for the style of the show.

This fits with the passionate homage to the artisitc references to the late great Max Fielscher, a pioneer animator of the 1930s and 40s whose Koko the clown and iconic Betty Boop were and still are inspiration for todays artists.

I like to think that he would have designed Jenny and friends in the same graphic style as Sunjii.

MY proverbial hat is off to his daring and adventurous talents and sketches.