Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Meet the crew

So as I mentioned previously, I've managed to keep my plate pretty full until almost the very end. For the last episode Rob proposed to me a daunting but ultimately irresistible challenge: that in one scene we include the whole crew as background characters. It took a few days of experimenting, quizzing co-workers ("now wait, who's that supposed to be?"), composing, and completing, but they're finally finished. Thanks to Shawn for the clean-up and Leticia for the color on these.

So, if you were curious about the faces behind the show (or at least the goofy cartoon versions of those faces), here is the entire in-house third season los angeles studios production crew of teenage robot.Left to right: Alex Kirwan (art-director)(me), Rob Renzetti (show creator), Ani Cash (production manager), Chris Hacker (color stylist), Jill Friemark (character designer), Bernie Petterson (storyboard artist).
A. Goose, Nick fait (production coordinator), Randy Myers (animation director), Bryan Arnett (character designer), Chris Near (background painter), Sunil Hall (prop designer), Seonna Hong (lead background painter), Charlie Desrochers (production coordinator), Tigerlily Biskup (show mascot), Robert Lacko (model clean-up).
Janice Tolentino (storyboard revisionist), Dana Jo Granger (model clean up), Debby Hindman (line producer), Scott Peterson (story editor), John Fountain (storyboard artist), Dave Cunningham (storyboard revisionist), Eric Bryan (prop designer), Bari Greenberg (background painter).
Brandon Kruse (Storyboard artist), Amy Lamprey (production assistant), Kimberley Mooney (production assistant).
Shawn Holt (model clean up), Joseph Holt (background layout), Heather Martinez (storyboard artist), Chris Tsirgiotis (background layout), Sean Edberg (prop design), Jenny Gase-Baker (background painter), Leticia Lacy (color stylist).


Rikki said...

loves the illys

SteveLambe said...

WOOWW, Alex!! This is amazing. So much variation in shape and capturing likeness to boot. I bow down to you, sir!

Miah Alcorn said...

Man I'm right there with Steve gawking at the brilliance of these. Fantastic work Alex! Really amazing stuff.

Brian Growe said...

wow, that looks great! a fitting tribute to all you wonderful people who worked on this show!

Ace said...

Truly awesome! I'll certainly be paying even more attention to the background characters of the third season episodes now.

tyde45 said...

That's VERY cool. I remember seeing other people in the background that worked for Teenage Carlos Ramos (I think) as one of the Tremorton students.

J. R. said...

Again very cool character designs Mr. Kirwan ;) I just read the Feb 21rst entry and have to say it's quite sad... I would have hoped that with the support of the actual fan base Nick would change it's mind and give Mlaatr another season.
I can only wish you and the rest of the staff the best of lucks; you guys (and gals!) are extremely talented people that will surely create more original and wonderful works, be it in Frederator or other animation studio ;)
Please keep this blog as long as possible Mr. Kirwan ^_^
Again, thanks for sharing all this with us :)

Sincerely - J. R.

wichobot said...

That characters based on real people are so good drawing.
Good job.
It's amazing what you can get from your head! hehehe...
wichobot -

If somebody have ideas for how to make "MLaaTR 4S Fan Flash-Based" project go to tremorton proboards > mezmers area.

Anonymous said...

Steve Lambe! you blow down! lol!

wakeman's_assitant said...

stop it ! ur gonna make me cry !


wakeman quote :

wakeman : what's this ? dirt and a bottle cap ? and how much did you pay for that young lady ?

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to ask this question...

Which one is XJWriter (what's his name?)

Juliabohemian said...

heather is so cute. LOVE the teeth.

John_Fountain said...

No matter how many times I get caricatured by Alex, I never really get used to it (and I mean that in the best possible way).
Just when I thought I had gotten over my "Teenage Robot" seperation anxiety, Alex has to go an' do these wonderful drawings to break my heart all over again.
Anyway, I miss you guys... I take great pride in having had a part in what was a beautiful show.
P.S. I now, also, have a blog if you'd care to visit at
But only if you really want to...

Anonymous said...

Too bad the principal cast wasn't in on that group...or were they?

I will miss the show. It's artistic style was unique and very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

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