Friday, February 17, 2006

The Wakeman periodicals

In the "armageddroid" episode we wanted to stylishly reveal some of wakeman's back-story, but we wanted to do it in a way we hadn't seen done in a cartoon before. Rob and I love old sci-fi pulp magazine covers, so this seemed as appropriate a place to pay tribute as any. A simple enough idea that turned out to be one of the most labor intensive and time consuming undertakings of the entire series. Too many artists contributed to these images to list them all here, but the results were beautiful and I remain very proud of the sequence. I'll try to get the rest up soon.


wichobot said...

Magazine designs are so impressive!
Vexus vs. Wakeman:

Both fighters are quite good ;)
wichobot -

Chris Battle said...

Amazing as always, guys! I think we need another "Art of" book; This time in *COLOR*!

J.R. said...

The first time I saw that sequence it amazed and made me smile at the idea of Wakeman being such a heroine ^_^ the art is of course simply astounding!
And I have to agree with Chris Battle; an Mlaatr art book in color would be awesome ;D
Oh, by the way, thanks for all the images you've been uploading ;) hope to keep seeing more ^_^

Sincerely - J.R.

tyde45 said...

Very cool! I loved that particular sequence in that episode, because it told AND gave visuals to an awesome story, instead of one of those cheesy flashbacks.

Acedroid said...

Thanks for posting!
It's a shame we'll never get to see more of Wakeman's past, though.

Schmiddy said...

wow those t-cards are genius...pure unadulterated genius....

The Great One said...

The back Story of Nora Wakeman was amazing to put it mildly. I had wondered why you had chosen the art deco style of the 1930s as your graphic form, besides to honor Max Fleischer. Now I see it wasand is a homage to pulp Sci Fi as well. Kudos to you, as I am a devotee of classic Sci fi of the 50s, especially Heinlin and Asimov.

I could not, as any outsider could not, realize that it would be so time and labor intensive, to produce the back story and the Title cards but they gave a whole new perspective to Dr wakeman and the development of the XJ series.

Interesting that she was a redhead, as most Sci Fi heroines seem to be! (Heinlin's widow Virginia is a titian beauty and no doubt an inspiration for many of his leading ladies)

I agree that another "Art of MLaaTR" book would be welcomed, as I have the first, and since there is a dearth of merchandising, it would be very well received.

As a side question, why is every piece of merchansise that IS offered,(ala Frederator) showing Jenny in Black siloutte? Is there some copyright issue about showing her in color?

Please keep up the good work.

I shall contact Nick and Viacom and Frederator again about getting the licensing rights released for a fourth season to WB, or Cartoon Network or even Disney. This show is too good to go down without a fight!

Mechacl said...

The retro style is getting really
big recently, It too bad Nick is
only making show that Reflect Spoungebob. Eck

nwakeman said...

I loved that episode. I loved the thoght of seeing a complete antonym to what most would think Wakeman's past was like.

Dragonrider1227 said...

AWESOME! I thought those covers were really cool! :D

dany boom said...

so very very beautiful. so great. so wonderful.

im speachless. these covers KILL me ! the one that looks like a tales of combat/kurtzman war comic especially.

such great work. i am in complete awe. pleas post hte reast !


DanMat6288 said...

Hey, you got a copy of that Science Friction magazine?

Everyone around me: O.o; [slowly back away]