Sunday, February 12, 2006

Giving props where they're due

I wanted to start giving some deserved attention to our amazing prop designers, who are some of the most skilled artists I've worked with. In first season most of Jenny's transformations were handled by myself and the character department, but soon the demands of these machinations became too great for us, and the responsibilities were inherited by the prop gang. I offer here an example of a storyboard page and the final transformation design so that you can see how the prop artist approaches the challenge with the amount of information he has, and how he makes getting to the end result as fun as the result itself.
You'll note that the board artist has written "sorry Sunil" under one panel. Sunil is the prop artist who tends to get stuck with the trickiest assignments.


tyde45 said...

Very cool! Sorry Sonil...that's classic. What episode might I find this transformation in?

wichobot said...

That machine looks like a driller!
Check this another transform:
Now Jenny have a house for Y-K9!
hehehe... ;)
wichobot -

Aaron said...

I can't wait to see this baby in action!

The Great One said...

Hmmm, Obviously third Season material. I, for one, can hardly wait until Nick gets off the dime (pun intended)and starts showing season three.

I wonder if some C4 in the right place would blow them out of their complacency.

Only Kidding.

J.R. said...

Cool work as always ;) I can't wait to see it animated ^_^