Monday, January 23, 2006

The First Audience Member

I want to thank Alex for all the posts he's put up recently. It's been fun for me to review these long buried images. Some one asked why the first 'final' Jenny was scrapped. It's simple. My wife hated the design. She's is the first audience member for most of what I do and one of the few non-artists in my daily life. Also I like her a little bit and tend to value her opinion. I don't necessarliy always agree (she liked the pilot Wakeman better than the series Wakeman) but she reacted so strongly about Jenny that it made us reconsider our decision. You'll notice that the body stayed the same but we ended up swapping in a different head that we all really liked. Again my wife pushed for that head design. Years later she would actaully help create an episode by writing the outline for "Around the World in 80 pieces".


AMAXS13 said...

Yeah, I agree with Mrs. Renzetti. The flat-top look just wouldn't quite work with Jenny.

crashfourit said...

Good thing too. I liked that head design.

crashfourit said...

Hmmmm.... Is there a possiblity of a spinoff series? Like the adventures of Wakeman in Skyway Patrol?

Is there a possiblity of another series staring Jenny (XJ9)??

If you are able, please post an answer on this blog.

Thank you.

nwakeman said...

Wow! That's cool!

Amanda said...

Yes a spinoff series would be cool, but it would be cool, also if "MY LIFE as a TEENAGE ROBOT" was save from cancellation.


AMAXS13 said...

Amanda, you said what we're all thinking. I hope the Nick execs are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

The ideas for "Around the World in 80 Pieces" were inspired by the Tremorton High Message Board. (e.g. Middle East, Godzilla, Dracula-like castle and Vexus' comback).


Mechacl said...

You guys made the right choice