Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Visit the Frederator blog!

Fred Seibert, the grandfather of TR and all other Oh Yeah Cartoons, has a wonderful and wide ranging blog which covers a host of cartoon related topics. Many of the next batch of Oh Yeah Cartoon creators blog over there and Fred himself posts on a much more regular basis than yours truly. Recently he's been posting Teenage Robot title cards for THIRD Season. Consider it your first sneak peek.



Anonymous said...

This is awesome! And just so I know, is the second season over?

R.Radna said...

So there is a third season! Woo-hoo! Hooray for Teenage Robot and Team Robot!

(I think I posted something similar before but I still feel the same way, so here it is again . . .)

Andrew N.P. said...

Ooh, now I want them more than ever! Any word on when Year III will start airing?

The Great One said...

Say Rob:

A certain Web Comic is offering enamel Pins of the major characters.

Who and how can I speak to to get permission and possibly a picture of my choosing to make "Jenny" pins for devoted fans?

This would be a strictly not-for profit endavor as the price would be only cost of production and shipping, about $5.00 per 2" high pin.

ErickXJ10's blog said...

show the fan arts of all :P

PS: my inglish is bad >.<

AMAXS13 said...


You'll find thousands of us, kids from five to fifty who want to see Teenage Robot continue, some of us for the sake of our children as well as ourselves. I humbly ask that you hear me out--hear US out, and let the battle for MLaaTR be joined. We are all counting on you. Please let me help. I shall await your reply...

Anonymous said...

It's KRnut82 again.

Well, I got a letter back from Nick's Viewer Services the other day (it had been over two months since I sent my letter) and it touched on nearly everything I wrote in my letter EXCEPT about the cancelation. My own fault I gather.

Also it looked like a generated form letter to me where they just filled in the blank with the name of the show.

Regardless it does mean that they got my letter and that it was read.

I consider that a positive step as it shows Nick there's intrest in the show.

tochigami said...

Dear Mr.Rob Renzetti:

I am a fan of "My Life as a Teenage Robot" who lives in Japan.
We made fanzine of "My Life as a Teenage Robot" with the seven fans this time.
The contents of the book are parody of "My Life as a Teenage Robot".
The review page of the contents:http://ppgcom.gooside.com/doujinshi/index.html

Please, teach a place of the sending to you.
We made this book to show gratitude to you who created Jenny.
We think that we want to present for you this book.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours faithfully,


Inolis said...



XJKenny said...

Yo, tochigami, that's really neat.
A doujinshi about mlaatr, I like it.I am also thinking about doing mlaatr doujinshi too. And I like how the way you show your gratitude to Mr.Rob Renzetti. Nice.

tochigami said...

Thank you, XJKenny.
It is pleasant to make a fanzine and it also becomes a souvenir.
Please make your mlaatr doujinshi!

By the way, do you know the destination to Mr.Rob?
I asked the Frederator. But, there was no reply...

XJKenny said...

Sorry, I also don't know. Maybe the people at the frederator(maybe some)still are on their holiday break or they are really really busy at the moment. But keep trying, tochigami, you will reach them.

tochigami said...

I see!
Well, I wait for the reply for a while.
Thank you very much, XJKenny.

RobotRenzetti said...

To Tochigami

Wow! I checked out the link you sent. It looks great ! The best way to send anything to me is to Nickelodeon Studios at:

231 W. Olive Ave.
Burbank CA 91502

Include my name and it will get to me.

tochigami said...

Dear Mr.Rob Renzetti:

Thank you for teaching to me!
It sends with the airmail.
Please wait about 2 weeks until arrival.
I prepare a delivery from now.

By the way, I will send three books.
I'll be glad if it is read by all staff of MLaaTR.

Yours faithfully,

XJKenny said...

Tochigami, I started my MLaaTR doujinshi and try to send to Mr.Rob
and the MLaaTR crew as a fan gift like you do. I wonder if I could also get a copy of your doujinshi as a memorable gift?

tochigami said...

XJKenny, it is wonderful! Please hold out to completion.
Well, I see. I present for you the last one of the reserves.
Please teach the destination at mail.


XJKenny said...

thank you very much, tochigami, I will be sending you my home address via mail to you. Nice~~.