Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Amazing Fanzine from Tochigami!!

I just received an amazing collection of fan comics from Japan. Lots of great drawings of Jen and the gang and some very interesting guest appearances from the Kids Next Door, Billy and Mandy and the Iron Giant among others.

I am truly honored that so many people have devoted so much time to the further adventures of XJ9. Thanks to Tochigami and all the artists that contributed.

Jenny Lives On!


Shelltoon TV said...

For those of you who do not know, this particular page makes references to an old anime called Mazinger Z. The two other robot girls are the Aphrodite and Venus. The strangest gimmick about both of them was that the breasts on the giant robots were actually rockets, as we see Jenny fire towards Sheldon.

Kayla said...

We'll do our best to keep Jenny and the spirit of MLAATR alive, Mr. Renzetti! You can count on all of us, from the US, to Mexico, and beyond!

~ Much Love, Kayla A. (AYG on Tremorton)

tochigami said...

I am glad that a book arrives to you safely.
"Jenny Lives On!"
It is splendid words... I was impressed.
My friends are pleased with your words, too.

ThunderFox JT said...

Sweetness! Gotta dig the classic boob missles. ^^ Sure wish I could see the other MLaaTR japanese comics. ^^

Mudflap said...

Does anyone have a link to this website?