Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Forget Evel Knievel...

Because Indes-Tuck-tible is here!
Warning: Don't try to imitate Tuck's tricks at home!
Enter to this Episode at your own risk, hehe...
Stay tuned. The Premiere Week doesn't finish yet ;)


Anonymous said...

"Once you jump those sharks, the show's over!"

Hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Tuck jumped the sharks! Looks like he ended Teenage Robot for us all. At least, I think that was supposed to be the last joke in the show. That was a great episode too, and I can't wait to see the rest!

tyde45 said...

gotta love the episodes starring Tucker Cornelius Carbunkle! Great episode, can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so THIS is what you meant! Ha ha, silly me.

Anonymous said...

ha that was great too bad you didnt get ted mcgintly to do a voice

and at least the sharks didnt have lazerbeams in their fricken heads

this is the first time ive heard the boys reference to a parent

through the series i doubt i'll tell dad is that much of a threat from those absentee parents

John_Fountain said...

I know I say this about every episode, but...
The crazy thing is, I'm pretty sure this was my last full episode on the series, and I've NEVER seen it in it's completed form.
If memory serves (which it oftentimes doesn't, so forgive me if I'm incorrect on any of these points) this episode had a different title (or no title) when I was given the premise... I went into the storyboard pitch after re-naming it 'Indes-TUCK-tible' thinking everyone would groan and make me change it. But Rob kept it... I love it when a risk pays off.
'Cornelius' was the middle name of my best college buddy from back home... I always thought it was a cool name, so I made it Tuck's middle name.
I also loved making a 'jump the shark' joke... particularly since it was the end of the third and, ultimately, last season.
I also love the scene in the beginning when we cut to Jenny and Brad and Brad is obviously in the middle of explaining to her how he keeps his hair that way. I dunno... maybe I'm loopy, but I friggin' LOVE little 'side moments' like that.
I also loved having Tuck say "I NEVER WANNA HEAR THAT WORD ("extreme") AGAIN!" because, obviously, we're all sick of that word.
Tuck was always fun to write for, and I always appreciated that no one ever really made me 'dumb down' his language... Tuck has an amazing vocabulary for a kid his age... but what I love is that he goes back and forth from being this incredibly smart little kid to doing the most astonishingly dumb things for the sake of personal glory.
Tuck is, at heart, a slave to his passions and moods (in my assesment) and it often causes his demeanor to turn on a dime.
I also enjoy that the 'theme' for this episode focuses on using common sense and personal responsibility.
I don't mean to sound like I'm tooting my own horn here... please don't misunderstand.
What I'm trying to illustrate is just how fun it was to write and storyboard (and occasionally direct) this show. It was just an amazingly creative environment and it brought out the best in me and, clearly, everyone else. There's just not a bad show in the bunch.
Ah... fond memories.

wichobot said...

John's incredible and (continued) enthusiasm for TR really warms my heart and was one of the main reasons I hired him. That and the amazing talent and smarts that he brings to his work. He always took the characters to new and interesting places.

I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in so long but Wichobot is doing an outstanding job with the blog! Thanks to all the fans for hanging on. I hope Nicktoons will reward you all soon.

Anonymous said...

Always good to hear from the team that worked on this show! I too am hoping Nicktoons Network will show season 3 soon, I'm so excited!

TOMAS said...

Gracias por sus comentarios señor Fountain!, es fabuloso saber que Tucker tiene un segundo nombre en honor a su mejor amigo!!!
asi mismo debo decir que es uno de los capitulos mas animados!, capta muy bien el espiritu de la primera temporada, el detalle de el cuerpo rebelde de Jen es muy simpatico!
es de los argumentos mas entretenidos que han salido en nuestra querida serie,y nuestro queridos personajes luchen muchisimo en cada situaciòn que planteo en el capitulo! gracias por todo!
Thanks for its commentaries Mr. Fountain! , he is fabulous to know that Tucker has a second names in honor his better friend! also I must say that he is one of the animated chapters but! , the spirit of the first season catches very well, the detail of the rebellious body of Jen is very likeable! he is of the entertained arguments but that has left in our dear series, and our dear personages fight very many in each situation who I raise in I capitulate! thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

This is great. I really appreciate these videos as it's the only way to see season 3 right now. Once again, thanks.

XJKenny said...

Is really an enjoyment reading through John Fountain's statement during his time in MLaaTR Team and is really great to see Mr.Rob commenting again ^-^

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode, my only really minor complaint is the dropped story point about the futurescope. We know from the other futurescope episode that what we see in the scope does come to pass, so in essence, Tuck was right, he couldn't be hurt until that future scene came to pass. It, in a sort of round about way, suggests a rather destined / fatalist universe.

Wow did I over think that or what?

The Great One said...


I am truly heartwarmed to see that the great Rob Renzetti and John Fountain are visiting and making notes on this blog.

It shows the continued love and commitment to MLaaTR that made this show so wonderful. I still cannot believe that Nick cancelled it after only three seasons. Maybe even they are second guessing their decision.

On another topic, I am still having a problem downloading or watching episodes from your new site. I click on the english or even the german sites and while I get a "transferring data" message, I never see a video.

Maybe I am missing the proper player. What player is needed and where would I download it?

Thanks again for making these season 3 episodes possible.

wichobot said...

Great One:
You need to install the "DivX Web Player" from
Also you should deactivate the "Pop-Up Blocker" setting for watch the video window.