Friday, January 19, 2007

Old Promo Art Remastered

One of the firsts Promo-Arts created for the show.
This is the remastered version developed by Shelltoon.


Brad&Jenny said...

Ooh, am I spotting an outfit change for Brad.
I was watching Victim of Fashion last night, and found it funny when Jenny was complaining about always wearing the same thing day after day. I was thinking, you should turn around and look at your friends:P But that's the beauty of cartoons. They can wear the same thing over and over-unlike the real world.

TOMAS said...

La ùnica vez que Brdley cambio de Vestimenta, es una mescla de la primera versiòn de si mismo que saliò en "My neighborn..." y la versiòn que todos conocemos,se ve bien en pelirrojo.=)

decopod said...

It's not a dogma - In No Harony with Melody you can see in Brad's wardrobe there's a pair for every day and Tuck from time to time wears designer suits (for instance "Robot riot" and "Call Hating").