Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mezmer's Showdown

A high quality fanart by blak.
Artist's Comment: "In this picture, that giant robot is attacking Tremorton and Jenny must defeat him/it before is too late.
Brad Carbunkle can be seen inside Mezmer's, the burning building
in the background."


tochigami said...

We want to send MLaaTR Doujinshi made recently to Mr.Renzetti.
Is still Mr.Renzetti on the register in Frederator?

MLaaTR Doujinshi

Mudflap said...

XJKenny: Did you get my request?

wichobot said...

Hi tochigami.
Wow, your job is interesting!

XJKenny said...

Mudflap, Mmm~~ I remember drawing something similar to the photo you attach, and in meantime I am drawing some other MLaaTR art works.
Tochigami, is been a long time I haven't heard from you.

DanMat6288 said...

[shrugs] Well, that's what Mezmur gets for being a robot prejudist.