Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alex Thumbnails

There was never an episode of TR that was not improved in some way by the brilliant thoughts that regularly tumbled out of Alex Kirwan's head. Here are his ideas for the reintroduction of the Sisters and their 'assimilation' into the Cluster for "Sister Sledgehammer"

(Sorry if the images are not oriented correctly. I am still on doofus level when it comes to these things.)

Monday, June 19, 2006

My New Gig

A few of you have been wondering what show Alex and I are working on at Cartoon Network. We are not working on one show. You could say we are working on the future of Cartoon Network!

I am supervising their Shorts program. I will help to find new ideas for future shows and help the creators of those ideas produce pilots for those possible shows. Alex is (as always) my right hand man. He will be helping the creators develop the visual style of their show.

And we will both have the opportunity to do some of our own ideas.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wichobot Rocks!

I just discovered her Teenage Roblog X blog and have also been tracking all the TR episodes she has been putting up on You Tube. I'm sorry that she is upset with me and Alex but I am in love with her! I hope she will keep her X version of the blog going even when we do post stuff here.

Keep Your Fingers Crossed !!!

The Emmy nomination ballots have gone out and TR is one of only three shows up for possible nomination in the 1 Hour Special category. We submitted Escape From Cluster Prime, one of the pieces I am most proud of.

Sorry the blog has been dormant lately. Both Alex and I are settling into our new gig at Cartoon Network. I will try to post some visual treats soon!

Thanks for your patience and loyalty!